2020, June 13 -16

405 days leaving before departure

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A. Registration fee

1. Basic rate                                                                                 2595 €  
2. inDiviDuals advantage
registration until 15.11.2019 :                                                  
-150 €
registration until 15.01.2020 :                                          -100 €
3. team advantage   
reduction per crew when registering 3 
                                                                   -100 €
4. individual sponsoring
Per sponsoring   
                                                      -75 €

Notices :
1. this aDvantages are cumulative;
2. Any discounts will be applied by us directly on the invoice
3. this advantages are granted only with the payment of a deposit of 1000 € on the receipt of the invoice.
Subscription without options 2595€ TVAC
  • Sporting assistance for driver and navigator including insurance
  • Access for 2 to the dinner with price ceremony.
  • Lunchs and drinks during the rally excepted extras excepted the first day for sports reasons. Dinners are included in the hotel packages.
  • Prise en charge du véhicule en cas de panne (voiture balai)

B. Accomodation

Dinner and awards ceremony
Mechanical assistance
Subscription without options
2595 € VAT incl.
Subscription with options
€ VAT incl.
Global price before possible reductions
€ VAT incl.

1.  parcours


For this edition, 4 cities are selected: Spa, Reims, Valence and Beaune.
The administrative and technical checks will take place on Friday 12 June in the late afternoon in Spa and Valence before reaching Reims and Beaune respectively.  The crews that have chosen Reims and Beaune will pass the checks early in the evening.

On Saturday morning, the connecting routes will take all crews to the starting point around Beaune.  The 2 groups starting from Reims and Beaune will have the same mileage to cover.


The Marathon de la Route  is without doubt a regularity rally where endurance is important.

Of the 2200 km of the course about 30% are classification stages with about 35 RT's in total.


The route will cross some of France's most beautiful regions: Burgundy, Cantal, the Aubrac High Plateau, the volcanoes of Auvergne and the Ardèche. Their wild landscapes, winding roads and rugged terrain have been and still are appreciated for motor sport.

Trust Joseph Lambert to offer you a route just as fabulous as the previous editions!

The stage towns are: Clermont-Ferrand, Millau, Le Puy-en-Velay and arrival in Beaune.

2. average tables & devices, coefficient system

The Marathon de la Route is a regularity rally on open roads, where the average speed is a maximum of 50 km/hour and so comes under the aegis of the Royal Belgian Automobile Club and the FIA.

All types of on-board equipment are authorised.
About half of the average charts will be made available 48 hours before the start of the rally. 
For the other 50% of RTs, you can choose to use the classic regularity table or a table of averages to be encoded.

Time recording during RT's is done automatically with Tripy.

Because cars are eligible up to 12.31.1979 and some even until 12.31.1990, a coefficient system will be used to allow cars from the 60s to compete with newer and easier to drive vehicles. Thus, they will also be able to participate in the general classification. More details about how the system works are in the Regulations.

3. No more complete nightS,  but 2 late stages

However,  the arrival of the first stage in Clermont-Ferrand and the third stage in Le Puy-en-Velay will be late, i.e. around midnight for the first crews.

Providing an excellent opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of driving at night away from all traffic.

4. Mechanics

A support vehicle will close the road and carry out repairs on any vehicle on the circuit if they are really minor.

Failing this and depending on possibilities, the vehicle in trouble will be put somewhere safe (village, garage, the place where we stop for lunch, etc.). You, your private mechanic or repatriation insurance will look after things from there.

Regarding the maintenance and repairs for your vehicle, you have the following options:



For 295 euros, our team of mechanics will handle everything during the evening stage to ensure your vehicle is in perfect condition to continue the rally the next day. This team is not available for giving your car an overhaul or for major repairs! Please note that if there is too much work, priority will be given to highest ranking teams.

3. PRIVATE service

For 1265 euro your assistance will be accomodated in the same hotel as you.
The organization will provide information so the service crew can track  the route (maps and GPS points) and a place to work in the evening at the arrival of the stage.

Lunch and dinner are included (2 persons).

For 1455 euro the two members of your assistance can also attend the gala dinner in Beaune.

This assistance can be shared by maximum 4 teams.


Our proposal is for the 4 nights from Saturday 13 June in Clermont-Ferrand to Tuesday 16 June in Beaune.

There is only one category of hotels for the whole rally.

 All crews will stay in the same hotel. Depending on the local availability, it will sometimes be 3*-, sometimes 4*-hotels.

The price in a double or twin room is 980 €, dinners included.

After this date, prices will change depending on availability of the hotels and the prices in force at each of the hotels at the time of your request.

6. Special prizes

In addition to the usual rankings, three rewards will be offered:
  • The 'Sander' Price.

    This prize is awarded to the top-ranking parent-child teams.

    The father and son team from Verviers, Willy Sander and Guy Sander, took part as a team in all the Liège-Rome-Liège and Liège-Sofia-Liège rallies from 1959 to 1963.
  • The 'Moss-Wisdom' Price.

    This prize rewards top-ranking female teams (1st team, 1st driver, 1st co-driver).

    The English women Pat Moss and Ann Wisdom were the first and the only ones to win a 100% female victory in the last Liège-Rome-Liège in 1960 in their Austin-Healey.
  • The Night Challenge.

    This challenge rewards performances during the two night stages. But they are also integrated into the final ranking.
The entry fee, without accommodation, is: 2595€
Individual benefits:
Registration until 15.11.2019:                                               - 150 euro
Registration between 16.11.2019 and 15.01.2020:          - 100 euro
Team advantage:
Group registration of 3 crews:                                       - 100 euro/car
- the discount is offered to each crew,
- the discount will be cancelled if one of the 3 crews renounces to participate,
- in the event of withdrawal, the concerned crew may not be replaced.

Individual sponsoring:
Any participant who sponsors a new crew which didn't take part in 2017, 2018 or 2019 will be offered a discount of:               - 75 euro/ sponsoring


- These advantages are cumulative
- These advantages are granted only with the payment of a deposit of 1000 euro on receipt of the invoice.
See General Conditions

THIS INCLUDES : General organisation • Sports coaches • Insurance • Lunches • Luggage transport • Official dinner in Beaune on Tuesday 16 June 2020.
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