2020, June 13 -16

405 days leaving before departure

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The online registration process ensures fast, easy and secure enrollment. advice!: Before you fill in the fields please provide you with all documents and the necessary information.
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1. Team


Personal data for hotel registration

Driver's achievements


Personal data for hotel registration

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2. Car(s)

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3. Invoicing

4. Participants costs and options

A. Registration fee

1. Basic rate                                                                                 2595 €  
2. inDiviDuals advantage
registration until 15.11.2019 :                                                  
-150 €
registration until 15.01.2020 :                                          -100 €
3. team advantage   
reduction per crew when registering 3 
                                                                   -100 €
4. individual sponsoring
Per sponsoring   
                                                      -75 €

Notices :
1. this aDvantages are cumulative;
2. Any discounts will be applied by us directly on the invoice
3. this advantages are granted only with the payment of a deposit of 1000 € on the receipt of the invoice.
Subscription without options 2595€ TVAC
  • Sporting assistance for driver and navigator including insurance
  • Access for 2 to the dinner with price ceremony.
  • Lunchs and drinks during the rally excepted extras excepted the first day for sports reasons. Dinners are included in the hotel packages.
  • Prise en charge du véhicule en cas de panne (voiture balai)

B. Accomodation

Dinner and awards ceremony
Mechanical assistance
Subscription without options
2595 € VAT incl.
Subscription with options
€ VAT incl.
Global price before possible reductions
€ VAT incl.