9. - 16. JUNI 2018

Noch 43 Tage vor Beginn der Rallye


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1. Team


Persönliche Daten für die vereinfachte Registrierung in den Hotels 

Ergebnisse Pilot


Persönliche Daten für die vereinfachte Registrierung in den Hotels 

Ergebnisse Kopilot

2. Wagen


3. Inrechnungstellung

4. Einschreibegebühren und Optionen

a. Einschreibegebühren

Bis zum 15. februar 2018 mit 50%iger
ANZAHLUNG :                                                                3690 €
AB 16. FEBRUAR 2018:                                                   3990 €
Einschreibegebühren ohne Optionen 3690€ TVAC
  • Technischer Beistand für Pilot und Kopilot, Versicherungen inbegriffen
  • Zugang für 2 Personen zum Dinner und Preisverteilung am Samstag, den 16. Juni in Lüttich
  • Mittagessen und Getränke während der Rallye, ausser Extras mit Ausnahme des ersten und letzten Tages und zwar aus sportlichen Gründen. Die Abendessen sind in den Hotelpackages inbegriffen.
  • Abschleppen des Wagens im Falle einer Panne (Abschleppfahrzeug).

b. Übernachtung

Dinner und Preisverteilung
Einschreibegebühren ohne Optionen
3690 € inkl. MwSt
Einschreibegebühren mit Optionen
€ inkl. MwSt
€ inkl. MwSt
2017 winners back in action !
The entry list for the Liège-Rome-Liège 2018 event, to be held between 9th and 16th June with the start given in Spa continues to evolve. Winners of the 2017 edition with their small, old but highly efficient Ford Anglia, Christian Crucifix and Yves Noelanders have officially confirmed their return to the Marathon de la Route, obviously at the wheel of the same car.. "Taking into account the number of Porsche machines at the start, we preferred once again to play the originality card Crucifix explained. The Anglia will have the same advantages as also the same drawbacks as last year, but which in no way prevented us from clinching victory…."

Once again the battle for all out victory could well be pretty hot this year, as seeing on the one hand Jacques Evrard and Christian Bernard (Porsche 911), Serge Adriaens and Freddy Moors (Porsche 911) on the other, respectively 2nd and 3rd last year, will also be back for more action,  not forgetting Yves and Benoît Deflandre (Porsche 911), Michel Decremer and Yannick Albert (Opel Ascona 400) to name but a few...
Naissance du Tribute to Liege-Rome-Liege
Pour diverses raisons, nombreux sont les pilotes et copilotes qui n'auront pas la possibilité de s'aligner au départ du Marathon de la Route qu'est le Liège-Rome-Liège à la sauce Trajectoire, tel qu'il sera disputé entre le 9 et le 16 juin 2018. Rarement à court d'inspiration, Jean-François Devillers et les siens ont décidé de créer le 'Tribute to Liège-Rome-Liège', qui aura lieu les samedi 9 et samedi 16 juin ! En quoi cela consiste-t-il ?

En la partie exclusivement belge du célèbre périple, à laquelle vont pouvoir prendre part des équipages concourant pour la victoire dans les seuls RT disputés chez nous, que ce soit à l'aller ou au retour de la caravane. De manière concrète, les concurrents du 'Tribute' partiront du Parc de Sept Heures à Spa le samedi 9 juin, avant de disputer les tests de régularité prévus jusqu'à la frontière belgo-luxembourgeoise. De quoi aboutir à une première hiérarchie remise en jeu le samedi 16 juin, lors du retour des participants du Liège-Rome-Liège, avec cette fois les derniers RT belges programmés depuis la frontière avec l'Allemagne, pour une arrivée sur la Place Saint-Lambert sur le coup de 18h00.

Au bout du compte, on obtiendra un classement général 'Tribute to Liège-Rome-Liège' et surtout une compétition 'partielle' qui pourrait en intéresser plus d'un. D'autant que le montant d'engagement est de 375 euros seulement, tout compris, même la remise des prix !

The Liège-Rome-Liège implements the FIA regulations with a view to the future and accepts cars up to 1990
The Trajectoire team, organisers of the Liège-Rome-Liège 2018, continues to double its efforts in order to offer the most prestigious of editions to be held from 9th through to 16th June. Even better, it anticipates what might well represent its future in the short term… “As with other Belgian events, the 2018 vintage of the Liège-Rome-Liège will be placed under the watchful eye of the FIA, with a view to an eventual integration in the FIA Trophy of Regularity Rallies for historic vehicles in the future, Jean-François Devillers announced. We are flattered …but this also compels the organisation to take into account some new parameters.”

Starting off with the acceptance at the start of cars relating to the Period J2, in other words those vehicles built between 1986 and 1990. “The FIA authorises this type of car, which has incited us to integrate these in this edition, Eric Chapa, the Race Director explains. Nonetheless for us it’s essential that the arrival of more modern, and therefore more comfortable and powerful cars, do not penalise the competitors with their older machines. As such an age and engine coefficient will be applied to these models, whereas the table of coefficients has been softened for the cars emanating from the period between 1980 and 1985.”

It should be noted that normally the FIA Trophy of Regularity Rallies does not apply specific coefficients for cars of the Period J2. “It’s out of the question for us to weaken the competitors taking part with true classic machines, such as last year’s Ford Anglia winner, Eric Chapa continued. We will therefore be applying this coefficient with as first and foremost objective to demonstrate the soundness of same to the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile at the end of this 2018 edition. Should this manner of proceeding not be acceptable to those responsible for the FIA Trophy of Regularity Rallies, the Liège-Rome-Liège will continue on its present take-off, as an independent event. But seeing we have received requests from competitors wishing to enter cars built between 1986 and 1990, it’s the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and more especially to be pro-active …”
The initial favorites are known
Even though the start of the Liège-Rome-Liège 2018 will be given on Saturday 9th June from the Parc de Sept Heures at Spa, a fair number of teams opted to take full advantage of the preferential entry fee to confirm their presence. In this light an initial group has been pinpointed as favourites … resolutely awaiting the competition! Among the unmissable of this 2018 edition of the Marathon de la Route, we can confirm Yves and Benoît Deflandre (Porsche 911), the winner of the Historic Monte-Carlo Rally Michel Decremer teamed up with the expedient Yannick Albert (Opel Ascona 400), the experienced Flanders based Kurt Declercq and Steven Vyncke (Porsche 911 S), not forgetting such imposing duos as Jacques Evrard and Christian Bernard (Porsche 911), Serge Adriaens and Freddy Moors (Porsche 911), Tony Kevers and Baudouin Halleux (Porsche 911), Etienne Baugnée and Benoît Remion (Porsche 911), Jean-François Delincé and the ‘Classic’ prize-winner in the Legend Boucles Julien Minguet (Ford Escort MK1), the Frenchman Jean-Pierre Verneuil and the Portuguese Antonio Caldeira (Renault 5 Alpine), Jan De Vos and Chris Goris (Porsche 911), Victor Guilmain and Paul-Henry Jans (Porsche 924 S), and so forth…

On the car front the eclecticism is definitely ensured, with the spectacular Cobra manned by Jacques and Mathieu Castelain (Shelby version) and Nico Depondt-X, but also the oldest Porsche 356 B Coupé 1960 of Luc De Vos and Bruno Mariens, presently the doyenne of the grid, the Morgan +4 of Philippe Maigne and Sylvain Vaquez, the Volvo 123 GT of Bernard Mazuyer and Jean Rick, not forgetting the Austin Healey 100/6 of Denis Duquenne and Stéphanie Kauffman. By no means an exhaustive list of entrants, which over the coming weeks will continue to grow.

“I believe we can state that this is a great basic grid, the organiser Jean-François Devillers commented. Last year various new competitors had kept a keen eye on the Liège-Rome-Liège, and they decided to be part and parcel of it next June. Some ten additional teams should be putting in an appearance on the provisional list of entrants, of which the 2017 laureate Christian Crucifix, presently awaiting a response from his co-driver, while the scheduled communication campaign will continue with a view to seducing other regularity adepts for classic machines. Taking a swift look on the site, the video images of the 2017 edition need no words. The rebirth of the ‘Marathon de la Route’ breathed on by Trajectoire, with a course drawn up by Joseph Lambert and the sporting side managed by Eric Chapa, boasts a fair power of enticement. Outcome: with some three months from the start the initial favourites are known. So, who is next? “
MY Vintage apporte son know-how technique issu du WRC
Il est bien connu qu’ensemble, on est plus fort ! Organisatrice d’épreuves majeures à l’image de l’ING Ardenne Roads ou du Liège-Rome-Liège, la société Trajectoire de Jean-François Devillers a décidé de poursuivre la course à l’excellence dans ses événements, en accordant un soin encore plus important à l’assistance technique. Une donnée qu’il est difficile d’ignorer lorsqu’il est question de voitures anciennes.

"Jusqu’à présent, nous confiions cette assistance mécanique à des équipes issues de divers horizons qui n’avaient pas nécessairement l’habitude de travailler ensemble, explique Jean-François Devillers. Parmi les bonnes résolutions en vue du millésime 2018 de l’ING Ardenne Roads et du Liège-Rome-Liège, il y avait une professionnalisation accrue de cette assistance. J’ai eu l’occasion d’aborder la chose avec Sandrine Wanson et Clovis Matton, les forces vives de MY Vintage, et nous sommes rapidement tombés d’accord sur les termes d’une collaboration qui constitue un plus pour chacune des entités."

De manière concrète, les concurrents de l’ING Ardenne Roads pourront profiter, s’ils le souhaitent, d’un Package Confort qui se traduira par une prise en main de leurs véhicules par l’équipe de MY Vintage… même lorsqu’aucune panne n’est à déplorer ! "C’est la différence par rapport au passé, poursuit Jean-François Devillers. Désormais, il sera possible de mettre sa voiture entre les mains de spécialistes au terme de chaque étape, de manière à ce que tout soit vérifié et garanti en parfait état en vue de la suite de l’épreuve. On dépasse donc allègrement le cas du camion balai qui prend en charge les concurrents restés en rade."

Pour la structure hutoise, cette collaboration avec Trajectoire est avant tout une opportunité de poursuivre le développement de sa cellule ‘historique’. "Comme chacun le sait, MY Vintage est la suite logique de MY Racing, explique Sandrine Wanson. Nous voulons appliquer notre savoir-faire acquis dans les compétitions modernes de plus haut niveau, et notamment le soin accordé à chaque détail. Pouvoir collaborer avec Trajectoire est assurément un plus pour notre société qui nous permettra de renforcer notre image dans le milieu des voitures anciennes, ceci au travers d’une présence plus qu’active sur ces grands événements…".
Au bout du compte, les gagnants de cette collaboration entre Trajectoire et MY Vintage seront… les concurrents, qui profiteront allègrement de cette professionnalisation de l’assistance technique sur l’ING Ardenne Roads et le Liège-Rome-Liège.
Preferential rate up until 28th February!
The 2018 Liège-Rome-Liège edition, scheduled to be held from 9th through to 16th June, promises to be under the most favourable auspices, and more than one frequenter of Regularity events present as a spectator at the start (Spa) or the finish (Liège) of the 2017 edition was able to convince himself of the quality of the organisation and the course. Now that the entry forms are starting to reach us, a quick reminder: time is running out for all those wishing to take advantage of the preferential rate, as the entry forms must be returned before 28th February!

“The deadline date for the preferential rate has been extended by two weeks allowing the numerous teams that had recently competed in one of the three major events at the beginning of the year to check their equipment, make the decision regarding the Liège-Rome-Liège 2018 and also allow them to take advantage of this tempting registration rate”, Jean-François Devillers explained.

Up until this date the entry fee amounts to 3,690 euros, as compared to 3,990 euros after that date. Worth recalling that this amount includes the overall organisation, the sporting framework, the insurances, all lunchtime meals, the transport of the items of luggage, as also the official dinner in Liège on Saturday 16th June. A word to the wise …
trajectoire wish you all the best for 2018 !
Course done and dusted
An undeniable sporting success seeing all competitors of the 2017 Liège-Rome-Liège retained fond memories of the edition…. while whetting the appetite of those who were not there! This is all the Trajectoire team, needed to promptly go into action to prepare the 2018 edition, scheduled from 9th through to 16th June, based on a similar cut-out as enjoyed last summer.

Always under the responsibility of Joseph Lambert, the Liège-Rome-Liège 2018 course is done and dusted … “No way are we going to divulge everything, but we can already announce that the start from the Parc de Sept Heures in Spa is retained, and that it will be followed by a first race night – less selective than this year’s to avoid the ranking being solidly rooted by the morning – then a full day which will bring the competitors to the foot of the Stelvio. This renowned mountain pass will be tackled early on Monday morning in order to limit as far as possible having to share the route with bicycle tourists and caravans, Joseph Lambert continued.

The route will then take the competitors via the Lake of Como, the surrounding area of Sestrières, the Turini pass, San Remo, Val d’Isère and Belfort, prior to returning to Liège and the arrival on the Place Saint-Lambert, similar to last June.” The first elements are known. They confirm that the Liège-Rome-Liège 2018 will be even more in line with the spirit of the various Marathons de la Route of years gone by.
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Lucio di Mori, one more asset for 'trajectoire'
Lucio di Mori, well known race Director on « Mille Miglia » and « Targa Florio » and high level consultant of ACSI (Italian Automotive federation) was beside Trajectoire’s management team for the first Liège-Rome-Liège preparation meeting.

For sure a top level consultant for the development of the top level european regularity race event since 2017.
A map proving the international interest for "the Liege".
For a very long time, 'trajectoire' works with 'JB Time Concept' for his time keeping.

For this edition, we decided to broadcast live results and this map shows us that the rally was mainly followed across all Europe as well as in North América ! But also in Moscow, China, Argentina, Sidney,... 

Amazing !
Christian Crucifix & Yves Noelanders winners with their Ford Anglia !
They are back! A week after the start from the Parc de Sept Heures in Spa, the survivors of the Liège-Rome-Liège 2017 are back in Belgium, arriving in Liège at the Place Saint-Lambert on the dot of 18.30hrs this Saturday. In front of a large crowd of enthusiasts, each team that had covered the 4,200 kilometres race though Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Italy received a salvo of applause. Because in all honesty, taking into account the course devised by Joseph Lambert, reaching the finish is a victory in its own right …

“For the organisation as a whole, with twenty five persons on the course and some ten others in Belgium who took charge of the start and the finish, to hear the enthusiastic comments from the teams that made it back represents and enormous satisfaction, Jean-François Devillers explained, at the foot of the Palais des Princes-Evêques. Aiming at a far more sporting Liège-Rome-Liège, more in line with the Marathon de la Route of old, we made a gamble. The team that took charge of this event, with Joseph Lambert and Eric Chapa as the driving force, quite simply won unanimous support. During an entire week we were able to prove that this new version of the Liège-Rome-Liège is a true endurance event and taking a look at the drivers and co-drivers who did not compete this year, but who were present this Saturday in Liège, we can bet on the fact that there are better days to come. Mission accomplished!”

After having hesitated between the Porsche 911 and the Ford Anglia, Christian Crucifix, perfectly seconded by Yves Noelanders, had opted for the gorgeous 1960 machine boasting the blue oval. He made the right decision, seeing the duo quite simply never left the top rung of the rankings, to win the event. “Pointless in stating that the Liège-Rome-Liège was far from being a formality, Christian and Yves commented in unison. We knew that we would have trouble in the mountain passes, but with a course concocted by Joseph Lambert, it turned out to be an event where we needed to work hard from beginning to end. We’re completely worn out, but we have won! And what a magnificent event …”

With a total of 928,1 points, Crucifix and Noelanders finished in front of the Porsche 911 of Jacques Evrard and Christian Bernard (1081,0 points), who had retaken the position from the Porsche 914/6 of Serge Adriaens and Freddy Moors (1086,9 points) in a fierce battle for the 2nd place that kept all the followers on tenterhooks through until … Liège! A difference of less than 6 points after 55 regularity tests and 4,200 kilometres, who can top that?

In the wake of the leading trio, the British duo Mark and Susan Godfrey (MG B, 1299,8 points) were delighted with their 4th place surrounded by the Belgian Regularity specialists while the youngsters Florent Hontoir and Alexandre Peeters (Opel Ascona B, 1613,6 pts) more than completed their mission, integrating the top 5 that was their dream before the start. As for Yves Deflandre and his son Benoît (Porsche 911, 1769,6 points), they never stopped improving, accumulating partial victories but undergoing two mechanical issues at crucial moments. They finished the event in 6th place, they also proving that this Liège-Rome-Liège can also be a family affair.

The top 10 of this 2017 vintage was completed by Kurt Declerck and Steven Vyncke (Porsche 911 Targa, 7th, 1908,4 points), who admitted that this had most probably been the best regularity event they had competed in, Denis Robert and Jean-François Delincé (Ford Escort MK1, 8th, 2989,4 points), Tony Kevers and Baudouin Halleux (Porsche 911, 9th, 3206,4 points), not forgetting Victor Guilmain and Paul-Henry Jans (Porsche 924 S, 3842,6 points), all delighted with the experience.

At the end of this Marathon de la Route greeted with an enormous amount of interest shown from beginning to end throughout the week, the Trajectoire team is going to take a breather … prior to already starting to tackle the 2018 edition. Particularly as Joseph Lambert already has two or three rather brilliant ideas up his sleeve! The rendezvous has already been set …